New Generation Minerals owns patent protected technology with the potential to address the growing Lithium brines processing market.

NGM’s pilot plant has been designed and is ready for construction subject to funding.

Lithium extraction

New Generation Minerals holds a 51% interest in a patented Lithium extraction technology which is being developed in Australia with future work likely to occur in the UK and Argentina.

The technology maximises Lithium recovery during the Magnesium removal step of Lithium processing plants, which:

  • Selectively extracts Magnesium, resulting in no lithium loss
  • Results in greater financial viability of commercialisation of new brine deposits due to increased yields
  • Enables capture and sale of Magnesium bi-product
  • Enables a more environmentally sustainable process.

New Generation Minerals believes there are highly attractive market drivers for this technology as Lithium batteries are in significant demand from the global electric car market. The technology may also have wider applications aside from Lithium processing, such as tailings dam and water cleaning.

New Generation Minerals has started work on Nickle-Cobalt processing technology and discussions around this are ongoing with interested parties.

Other technologies

New Generation Minerals is progressing its Nickel-Cobalt processing technology project and is working to identify a pipeline of technical areas that fit with its technology strategy.

New Generation Minerals is working to identify a pipeline of other technical areas that fit with its technology strategy.